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"Working with the Haves, to help the Have-Not's".

PRESENTATION The African Culture Restoration Association is a Non-Profit Organization, founded in 1991 and was Incorporated with Letters Patent in 1994. A Board of Directors governs the Organization's affairs: And its Constitution and By-laws are in harmony with its present mandate - unity among all people of black African Ancestry.
MAIN OBJECTIVES To organize and promote programs and events in the African Caribbean Canadian Community's interest with focus on: Cultural Education: The Relief of Poverty and The Promotion of Justice, Love and Equality.


To date A.C.R.A. has established itself solidly in areas of Community Cultural Events Presentation, and Outreach Programs. Its most valuable assets are the Volunteers that have given and is giving their time and sharing their expertise for the common good.

1991 Founded by Terry L. Brown in the City of Toronto, Canada.
1992 Development of Constitution and appointment of first Board of Directors.
1993 ACRA Co-Presented the first Annual Marcus Garvey Celebration - a cultural event, initiated and produced by Terry Brown. This event is now one of Toronto's Major Festivals.
1994 Gained incorporated status and established a Community Business Achievement Award, that recognizes Black Businesses for the length of time and quality of services they provide to the Community.
1995 Sponsored The Afri-Can Food Basket- an efficient way to purchase fresh Local and Imported fruits, vegetables and bulk foods at affordable prices: Established an Annual Community Family Dinner, which is held on December 25th each year.
1996 Initiated an Annual Volunteers/Sponsors Appreciation Dinner & Dance:

The Mayor of the City of Toronto Barbara Hall and Frances Nunziata- Mayor of the City of York both endorsed the organization's work by presenting Plaques bearing their official governmental seals of approval.

1999 Published Black Star Community Newsletter- for neighbourhood linkage.


The Organization is built on the premise that: A people should do for self what needs to be done'. And also endorses many of the views, and opinions of the Rt. Hon. Marcus Garvey. These include the following: Those of us who have developed our minds scientifically are compelled by duty, to step out among the un-thinking masses and convince them as to the seriousness of the time in which we live".


Fundraising Ventures are the organization's main source of income. Community Business Sponsorships also provides limited support. To date the Organization has received very minimal governmental support for its Initiatives.


Community Unification Speaking Tour, Computer Literacy Programs, Black Family Support Program: Black Women Fibroid Research, Seniors Protection Program: Community Bereavement Program: African Linguistic Program, Cultural Reference Library and Black Youth Development Programs.

MEMBERSHIP (form online)

Membership is open to all that aspire to bring forth the redemption of Africa's Scattered Black Children.

May 18, 2004
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May 18, 2004
Updated The 12th Annual Marcus Garvey Celebration

May 8, 2003
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