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 African Culture Restoration Association Inc. (A.C.R.A.)

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Dedication: This site is dedicated to the upliftment of Mother Africa's Children at home and in the Diaspora.

Featuring: The works of Marcus Mosiah Garvey and Other Liberators

Welcome Africa's fallen fighters: It's time to take your stand again. It is you who fought and ran away that; has been commissioned to administrate in this New Day. A comprehensive Redemption Plan must be part of the fundamental principles upon which we build our Futuristic Foundation.

It is time to provide for ourselves that which is necessary in the pursuit of Life, Love and Liberty. For too long we have been provided for -by our slavers; as a result we have become so docile, tame and complacent, that we began to sleep. For Centuries we slept-even thou physical eyes were open we were spiritually blind.

Many have risen from that slumber, awaken from that Ghost Spell. These are those that has embraced the redemption songs:

Link up with Zion…… via redemption sounds. Surround yourselves with music of protection, upliftment and positive action. Observe our Redemption Process as like unto baking a cake collectively. Toronto got the sweetener, The Caribbean the juices, America the wheat and Africa the spices. And then we collectively contribute time, expertise and labor in the preparation and baking of the cake.

It matters not, the geographical location of your birth: As long as you are black, YOU ARE AN AFRICAN.

This site is designed to serve Teachers and Students alike. You will find that which you seek and you shall give to those in need. Subscribe without delay to "BlackStar News" which is edited by The Unificator. Be an active participant in the unification process, by submitting relevant articles for publication.

May your sojourn with us be long and rewarding………………Hotep

May 18, 2004
Visit Marcus Garvey Library
Visit American Experience: Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind
Visit MarcusGarvey.com

May 18, 2004
Updated The 12th Annual Marcus Garvey Celebration

May 8, 2003
Updated Press Release Section