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TERRY L. BROWN ______________________________________________________________


Terry Brown is a visionary who aspires to promote the ideals of the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey for the development of Africa and Her Scattered Black Children. His aim is to unify Toronto's Black Neighborhoods into one harmonious and productive community - The African Caribbean Canadian Community. This community's mandate will include the establishment and maintenance of African Tours, Trade, and Social Links with the Continent of Africa, and The Caribbean Regions.

To achieve the above initiatives Mr. Brown founded The African Culture Restoration Association (ACRA) a not-for-profit corporation 1991, and Marcus Garvey Day Celebrations in 1993. The purpose of this celebration is to share information, thoughts and concepts of Africa and her people, and encourage young Africans in the Diaspora to keep alive the teachings of the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The celebration is recognized as one of Toronto's Major Cultural Festivals.

Mr. Brown is very well respected as a stalwart in The Canadian Reggae Music Industry. This fact is supported by his many credentials, which include The Peter Tosh Memorial Award, bestowed on his by The Canadian Reggae Music Awards, and The Bob Marley Memorial Award for his contribution to the Development of the Canadian Reggae Music Industry.

In 1974 Mr. Brown was impressed by the potential of the now famous Leroy (Artist) Brown. Together they launch Leroy's solo recording career with Prayer of Peace - a song he wrote. This was recorded at Sound Canada Recording Studio in Toronto. Among his many discoveries are: Carlton Harrison a.k.a. D'Ras Simbaa, Cynthia Delfenia, and Planet Earth.

In 1980 Mr. Brown and his partners Bob Williams, and Carlton Harrison were awarded top honors at The Canadian Reggae Music Awards for producing a remake of Chris DeBurgh's “Lady in Red.”. performed by Planet Earth.

In addition to being a Talent Scout, Producer, Promoter, and Songwriter Terry Brown is also a Playright, Actor, and Recording Artist. His most successful release to date is “No Winner In A Nuclear War.” You'll find this classic recording on the TMI Label. It is a must for all serious Record Collectors.

Currently Mr. Brown is very busy with The Annual Marcus Garvey Celebrations. This year there'll be a special tribure paid to Thornton & Lucie Blackburn, The Blackburns were run away slaves who established the first Taxi Cab Company in Ontario. LINK 2 PRESS RELEASE

Terry Brown is committed to the emancipation of Mother Africa and Her Scattered Black Children. He can be reached at: mgcel@marcusgarvey.net, or www.marcusgarvey.net




April 30, 2007
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April 30, 2007
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April 30, 2007
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